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Play to LOSE because *I* Always WIN!

June 20th, 2010

For the haters & imitators:

For -MY- good boys, this is a sticky post so if you’ve read it scroll to the next one for the new stuff!
Play to LOSE game is ready! And so are my new premium rate phone lines, my PTV Pussy Roulette Game and my new KISS YOU DEADLY photo sets. Play now and call em all, wank-o-s! lol…you had to grit your teeth and smile at wifey all day, when all the time you were thinking about ME! Time to relax & give in to your Temptation, losers.

PLAY TO LOSE, NOW! Click it, suckers!

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Irresistible GREEDY Princess Ass Video Clip

July 16th, 2011

OMG! You will be so weak - you & your wallet are so FUCKED!

You CAN'T say no to this!

Actual video size is much larger.

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Protected: Addictive pumps

March 13th, 2011

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The 2 minutes hate – weekend edition

March 13th, 2011

Welcome to Godess SHY’s 2 minutes hate, weekend edition.  This weekend’s message is made public but the pics that go with it you still have to pay for.  AND THEY ARE HOT so get to clickin, bitches.

How can you resist your hateful Princess when she looks at you with contempt in Her eyes & you feel Her need to control you, to use you, to addict you to Her power?

Getting you under MY stiletto heels and keeping you there, I snap MY leash around ur neck & lead u around like a dog while I teach u to be useful to MY desires.


Sexy pumps & silky thigh highs – 150 bucks.  Degrading old suckers and making them do MY bidding – PRICELESS.   Grinding MY HOT STILETTOS into your worthless balls – stabbing you & grinding the hurt IN, grinding the HATE in so that it is under your skin & in your veins.


Addicted abusejunkies, tribute your Princess NOW & get even more addicted as you jerk your joystick to MY perfection.


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Protected: The Two Minutes Hate for Friday Night 3-11-11

March 11th, 2011

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Twitter Updates for 2010-08-12

August 12th, 2010

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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-27

July 26th, 2010

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Niteflirt Nooze

July 24th, 2010

Ok, it looks like my new little cheesy PTV game buttons are really WORKING on you boyz. You start with the small clicks and then I reel you in for some heavy duty torment and wallet-draining.

I have giga-pixels of NEW, NEVER BEFORE SEEN fetish pics too, they WILL not be posted FREE anywhere…they will be used as PTV weapons against your loser asses, ONLY! Be grateful for the new bit of eye candy that I *HAVE* posted, k, lozerz?

Now for the roll call. My biggest loser amusement of the past week:

** e2r – addicted to calling me now. Lasted thru a quick round of raise the rate, got to 6.99 a minute and stayed til he was drained. Called back again yesterday because -MY- voice is haunting his brain. Will be back this weekend now that his pathetic paycheck has been directly deposited, RIGHT LOZER!@? Fuck you, drain your wife’s vacation fund & kids college fund to make ME happy, it’s all SOOOO worth it, you know?

** lives2serve – seems to be yet another corporate drone who gets thru the drudgery of his vanilla “life” at the office by playing on the computer and serving mean exotic Royalty like ME! Stayed in PTV with me for eight hrs the other day, I took him for *almost* a grand and that was that. l2s, next time there’ll be no “almost” k?

** phonedrone “tiny” – calls and cries, literally cries, about his gf who cuckolds him, treats him like property, etc etc. called once the other day, then came back two days later, again crying (lulz), and saying his gf gave him a choice – ask me to cum – if I say no he tips me ten dollars and hangs up, if I say, yes he stays on the phone and gets to cum. WTF? LOL! I said DUH NO BRAINER! I think I choose getting paid loser…um, anyway my usual cum fee is fifty…so pay me 50 or else pay me 25 and fuck off. Somehow the ten dollar tip DID get turned into 25 and he skulked away WITH blue ballz, bwahaha. His wallet is as tiny as his dick but hey…net take 61.35 – manicure & coffee money.

** timefortorment – the first to be teased, tormented & tranced by my NEW fetish picx! Requested LIVE PTV thru my Russian Roulette button, then bought irresistible ass, then got totally fucked over when I exploited his feet fetish with my sexy fetish ammo – weakened him to the tune of a 200 dollar tribute….

And, last but not least — SNOTBOY!

** yes snotboy is back and ready to live in a cardboard box just to serve me! Hundreds in NF tributes and more in giftcard swag. Keep drooling snotboy! He now not only craves my dirty snot rags, but dreams of me hocking a loogie down his throat. I know, ewwwwww, he’s a disgusting pig but a profitable one when I weaken him with …. what I use to weaken him….LOLOLOL

Laterz, loozerz, Imma go bake by the pool.

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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-29

June 29th, 2010

  • Trying be all out there with my blog & stuff has its disadvantages. I see my taglines being copied left & right, I know I'm the shit buuuuut #

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New Niteflirt PTV Games

June 17th, 2010

I’m working on releasing my new PTV Game, Play to Lose.  I am DETERMINED to get it done tonight.  It is going to knock you on your little lozer asses!  Stay tuned.

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Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME