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November 27th, 2007

FUCK!  I just made a long blog entry and lost it all.  Ok, I took a break, and I’m gonna try to reconstruct.

damien was back today.  I didn’t doubt you for a minute, sweetie!  : )

damien felt so good that he was still number one on MY biggest sucker list…and he made sure he stayed there with today’s tributes : )   We had a really entertaining paid email chat in which we discussed some scenarios for the ULTIMATE tease, tease, take experience.  I almost came again, just from the sheer sadism and sexiness of it….oh and from the money. 
Did I mention the money?   

d. also linked me up to this fucking HOT YouTube vid which fits right in with the ULTIMATE tease tease take theme.  I was thinking of posting it here but I think I’ll make it a pay to view post because this video is that hot and that hardcore.  More on that soon.  Talk to you soon, too, dami.

bitchassbitch dave was back last night too.  We got off to a sweet start but then the games ended kinda prematurely.  I know you loser types have issues where things usually do end prematurely LOL!  but not usually MY games, right?  So…I’m not sure if it was just early burnout or an inconvenient interupption on dave’s end….but I guess we’ll see.  I do have your digits davey-poo.  : ) I’d love to chat soon.  xox

The married whispering loserfucktard dude who called behind bitchassbitch the other night came back too.  Big ole yawn.  loser – you’re gonna have to do better to keep MY attention. 

Unless me hanging up on you turns you on utterly more than I think it does. 

Hey, maybe I’ll make a loserfucktard-inspired MP3 and you can buy it for ten bucks.  That’ll work. 

uk bitchpiggie has been around too.  I’m finding out more and more what a dirty little piggie he truly is..and I love using this against him like I do.  * waves to bitchpiggie *

Christmas is coming.  Go buy me a big fat gift certificate and send it to sheh8syou@gmail.com

I also like Zappos – I want some Uggs boots : )

Karmaloop – hip casual wear

And I need a new DVD player which I’m sure I can find on good ole Amazon.

Ok, Princess needs her beauty sleep.  Tata, losers.

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Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME