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ACCELER-8-ING the H8 in 2008!

January 6th, 2008

YES, losers!  A new year with 365 brand new opportunities for you to degrade yourself & humiliate yourself for MEEEEEEEEEE!

AND 365 brand new opportunities for ME to acceler-8 the H8 on you losers!

I will definitely be stepping up the “GAMES” here in SHE HATES YOU land!  I’ve noticed the whole idea of “GAMES” for suckers & losers is getting pretty popular on the Niteflirt pages.  ROFLMAO!  But who did it first and who does it best, my SUCKERS?  ME ME ME that’s who! 

I started the trend and I AM the ONE to take it to new levels.

MY GAMES involve you going for broke & flirting with darkness and destruction because you know I like MY games extreme & hardcore. 

Sooooo….to celebrate the New Year, let us meditate on playing serious game and taking the Ultimate Gamble to be close to Princess.

How far would you go?  How much do you need ME?  What would do for a little whiffffff  of PERFECTION?

Watch these videos and decide.



Music to be fucked over by:


I know you raped me
And rocked my soul and life
You screwed my brain
And offered me a line

You set my heart on fire
To make me stick like glue
You know i’m coming
Down to the point of fear

You make me eat myself
I scream i pain in vain
To lose the last bit of identity
And forget humanity

That’s what you like to do
To treat a man like a pig
And when i’m dead and gone
It’s an award i’ve won

Do you think that pays
Pays for my life
Which i give now when i die

Wargames – killed in action
Wargames – for satisfaction
Shanghaied – killed in action

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Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME