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GR8 H8 – 2258

January 28th, 2008

Saturday rocked – NEW LOSER shows up and pays MY “69 ME” button.  Then he emails me begging for more “invoices”.

LOL!  He told me a little bit about his weaknesses as we emailed back and forth.  

I was the “slippery slope” that awakened his beast and got his head spinning and his “SUBMIT” button tingling.

I started off “slow” …. first a “bill” for $169.  LOL!  I couldn’t type fast enough…he used “send payment” to send ME 100 while I was emailing him the 169 PTV.  Then I upped it to 269.  He paid. 

Then we did a few for 500 as I got deeper into his head & his wallet.

By the time it was over….

Shopping money for PRINCESS SHY –  $2258

Well deserved h8 for MY new loser – PRICELESS

I’ve christened him anony-mouse.  

he’s one of those fearful tentative ones, so I’m not sure he will be back.

Either way – I WIN!  AND so far HE is the biggest sucker of 2008.

LOL!  Time for me to edit that “PAY MY AMEX BILL” button.  It’s been paid…..and then some.  : D

Yesterday was nothing to write home about but I did get 150 from old man cucksucker.   he’s one of MY “following” who has been around a while and follows me to various sites to worship & serve ME.  he also express shipped me some lingerie I wanted, it’ll be here tomorrow.  his wife cheats on him with younger men because he’s a fifty year old loser with a small flaccid penis.  DUH!  but he’s grown to love it the old pervert.   LOL!  Maybe I’ll write up his story and sell it to you dorks.  You’d love it.

quicksand dweller was around today again : ) another fun session, see ya tomorrow QD.

A couple of you guys have tried to get me on Yahoo and I’ve been in and out, so keep trying.  I should be online daytimes all week this week….although tomorrow I have a morning appt at traffic court and not sure when I’ll be back.

I’m working on getting those new GIRL / GIRL tease pics and my new Russian Roulette game up.

I also have a new Valentine H8 listing design which should be done and up by tomorrow. 

K, I guess that’s about it suckers.

Talk to you soon, if you’re lucky (or loaded).

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Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME