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The 2 minutes hate – weekend edition

March 13th, 2011

Welcome to Godess SHY’s 2 minutes hate, weekend edition.  This weekend’s message is made public but the pics that go with it you still have to pay for.  AND THEY ARE HOT so get to clickin, bitches.

How can you resist your hateful Princess when she looks at you with contempt in Her eyes & you feel Her need to control you, to use you, to addict you to Her power?

Getting you under MY stiletto heels and keeping you there, I snap MY leash around ur neck & lead u around like a dog while I teach u to be useful to MY desires.


Sexy pumps & silky thigh highs – 150 bucks.  Degrading old suckers and making them do MY bidding – PRICELESS.   Grinding MY HOT STILETTOS into your worthless balls – stabbing you & grinding the hurt IN, grinding the HATE in so that it is under your skin & in your veins.


Addicted abusejunkies, tribute your Princess NOW & get even more addicted as you jerk your joystick to MY perfection.


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  • 1 Your Drone // Jan 25, 2012 at 7:56 am

    What a great discovery you are for a drone man like me.

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Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME

Fuck you, loser, PAY ME